Friday, 15 February 2013

Dancing !


Hi, apa khbr? ok la. tak nak cerita panjang, jum tgok picture kitaorang n video kami?
Jom layan !
Kak Z and nabil :)

dari kiri saya, d , ila, mira, alin, murni, wawa !

this is me with my babylinlin ! ahahah :P, my bestie

this is my bestie ! do she looks great?

they are my bestie ! love them so much

coz i'm tallest than they so i just sit down. ke ke ke~

this is me, The montel one ! ahahah. yay i know i gemuk ! kuikui ~
                 hah bkak la link ini  kalau korang nak tgok video kiteorang !

That all for now ! that night so enjoyed. forgt about test, quiz n also assignment ! ahahah :)
Peace Yo !

Thank You for visit my blog !
Bye ! Assalammualaikum :)

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