Thursday, 13 December 2012

Iman Muda Asyraf Vs Harimau Malaya

Assalammualaikum and hi,

Today I have something to share with you. ulalala ~ ,  As Individual , we have to decided either to watch the Harimau Malaya or talk with Iman Muda Asyraf in PI ( Pusat Islam ). We have to maximize our satisfaction right, so we have to make a decision making and well we have to choose. hehe, I think most of you don't understand what I trying to said but never mind forgt about it. I cannot do two in one so I choose talk with Iman Muda Asyraf , and I learnt a lot today so watching Harimau Malaya is the opportunity cost because it is second best alternative that has to be forgone. Anyway, Harimau Malaya lose out to Thailand 2-0 right? Seem like Malaysia will not to go on final. But never mind, Malaysia tetap dihatiku ~,Fighting !. In Sha Allah , rezeki Harimau Malaya pada lain kali. Anyway ceramah tadi sgat best dan paling pentingtidak m'bosankan. Rugi siapa yang tak pergi :))

Akhirnya, dapat jugak tgok wajah Iman Muda face to face.

Iman Muda Asyraf

Alhamduillah, ramai pelajar2 UiTM SI, Perak datang kat PI exspecially girls lha kan.
That all I want to share with you. Bye2, see u next time in front on screen. Tata. ! Gud Nite and Assalammualaikum :))

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